Stretched Kingpin -Monday, September 19, 2016
This particular caster happened to be part of a paint line process. In some instances carts can be moved through a production process with a power-towed application. This can be either a chained system in the floor or some other automated system. In any type of automated solution utilizing casters and carts, the load put on the caster is usually much harsher than normal and requires a stronger raceway. Anytime that you are pulling a cart you have to be far more careful of the total load being exerted on the caster.
Forklift Damage -Monday, September 19, 2016
While you can never prevent damage from accidental abuse, this would be an instance where one would want to use casters with thicker top plates. The challenge of the user is to understand the true load that the caster is going to be subjected to. The important thing to remember is that the load is never based just on the weight of the material or the cart itself. Click on the details to view the full article